EKJ Foods Inc.

Our Business

From retail to foodservice, EKJ Foods Inc. offers solutions that help you meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers, today. No matter the size of your business, we have the solutions to keep your business thriving.

We prioritize getting ahead of industry demands. In addition to driving variety, efficiency and value, our commitment to innovative programs, processes and products helps our customers stay connected with their consumers.



Animal Feeds

EKJ Foods Inc. offers the best performance of Fodder(Animal Feed) in the world.  Such as, Canola Meal, Citrus Pulp Pellets, Cottonseed Meal and Feed Barley. For view more options that we have, Please click the link below. 


We strives to be the best managed and most respected company in the industry, focused on the relentless pursuit of operational excellence and serving as a valued partner to key customers. we have provided healthy, high-quality chicken products that are the key ingredient for some of the world’s finest recipes.